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Black widow spider bite sends Massachusetts girl to hospital

Black widow spider bite sends Massachusetts girl to hospital Black widow spider bite sends Massachusetts girl to hospital Black widow spider bite sends Massachusetts girl to hospital A family is warning others about the dangers of black widow spiders after they had rush their little girl to the emergency room. It started about a week ago when Kristine Donovan noticed her 5-year-old daughter Kailyn had a small purple bruise on the back of her knee. It seemed like an innocent bug bite. But when Kailyn’s school called to tell Donovan she had a fever, they took her to the pediatrician, who told them to take Kailyn to the emergency room. “They knew it was a spider bite,” Donovan said. “They didn’t know what spider bite, so they gave her some antibiotics.” But Kailyn wasn’t getting any better, so they took her to UMass Memorial Medical Center, where an infectious disease doctor confirmed Saturday that what bit Kailyn was a black widow spider. “I didn’t know what to say,” said Josh Donovan, Kailyn’s father. “It’s not something you would expect, especially in Massachusetts. I’ve never seen it.” The black mark on Kailyn’s leg was actually the venom from the spider, and if the family had waited any longer, it could have been worse. It is uncommon to be bitten by a black widow spider in the region, but their habitats do extend to Massachusetts according to the Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention. After the terrifying ordeal, the family urges others to trust their gut and take any precaution necessary. “If you think it’s something, just keep looking for an answer,” Kristine Donovan said. “I had a feeling it was pretty bad, and I just kept pushing to have it checked out.” WEBVTT BUT THEYWERE NOT SURE WHAT KIND OFSPIDER THAT THE FIVE-YEAR-OLDGIRL.THE VIDEO OF FIVE-YEAR-OLDKAILYN DONOVAN'S LEG NOW IS TOOGRAPHIC TO SHOW YOU.THIS IS A PHOTO OF WHAT HER LEGLOOKED LIKE BEFORE.THE RESULT OF A BLACK WIDOWSPIDER.ABOUT A WEEK AGO, SHE HAD ALITTLE PURPLE BRUISE ON THE BACKOF HER KNEE.A COUPLE OF DAYS LATER, ITTURNED INTO A LINE ACROSS THEBACK OF HER KNEE.>> HER HUSBAND, JOSH DONOVAN, AFIREFIGHTER AND PARAMEDIC INNATICK, JUST THOUGHT THEIRDAUGHTER HAD AN INNOCENT BUGBITE ALONG WITH A FEVER FROM ACOLD, BUT WHEN KAILYN'S SCHOOLCALLED TO TELL THEM SHE HAD AFEVER, MOM TOOK HER TO HERPEDIATRICIAN, WHO IMMEDIATELYSAID SHE NEEDED TO GO TO THE ER.>> THEY KNEW IT WAS A SPIDERBITE.THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT SPIDER, SOTHEY GAVE HER ANTIBIOTICS.BUT WHEN KAILYN WASN'TGETTING BETTER, THEY DECIDED TOTAKE HER TO UMASS MEMORIALMEDICAL CENTER, WHERE ANINFECTIOUS DISEASE DOCTORCONFIRMED SATURDAY MORNING ITWAS A BLACK WIDOW SPIDER THATBIT KAILYN.>> I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO SAYWHEN HE SAID THAT BECAUSE IT'SNOT SOMETHING YOU WOULD EXPECT, ESPECIALLY IN MASSACHUSETTS.>> HE EXPLAINED THE TIMING WASCRUCIAL.>> HE EXPLAINED TO US THAT THEBLACK MARK ON HER LEG WASACTUALLY THE VENOM FROM THESPIDER, SO THAT WAS KIND OFSCARY BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKEBRUISING TO US.>> AT FIRST, HE SAYS THE DOCTORBELIEVES IT CAME FROM A LOCALSPIDER OUTDOORS.SO WHAT'S THEIR ADVICE TO OTHERPARENTS OUT THERE?>> IF YOU THINK IT IS SOMETHING,KEEP LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER.I KINDA HAD A FEELING IT WASPRETTY BAD AND I KEPT PUSHING TOHAVE IT CHECKED OUT.ALTHOUGH IT IS UNCOMMON TO BEBITTEN BY A BLACK WIDOW SPIDERIN THE REGION, THEIR HABITATSEXTEND TO MASSACHUSETTS

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